We all know that insects can be a nuisance and even dangerous, but it’s hard to find a pest control service you can trust.

Let’s take a look at various insects, what harm they can do and how we can help you eliminate them!

cockroach pest control


Fleas will make your pets’ life miserable, and yours too if you don’t take action. This is probably the most common type of infestation in households today since fleas are notorious for hitchhiking from pet to pet.

Fleas can cause itchy red lumps, usually fleas bite below the waist and tend to target the ankle areas.  


Flies are a common pest in the UK with many species causing problems. our most common problems are with fruit flies and cluster flies however, if you are having problems with any type of fly please get in touch for advice.

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blattella germanica,


We have two types of cockroaches in the UK which can cause serious issues if present in your home or business, the German and Oriental.

The warmth and availability of food in your premises can attract cockroaches and once within your home or business they can reproduce quickly and cause serious infestations. This can be significantly damaging to you, your family’s and customers health and reputation. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs like fleas are a parasitic insect, bites can result in rashes on the skin and can become very uncomfortable and itchy.

Bed bugs are flat and round and can measure up to 7mm long so are visible to the human eye. They mostly feed on the host at night. Bed bugs can cause many issues in your home and business, especially in hotels and B&Bs.

If you think you may have an infestation call Bay Pest Control asap for advice and recommendations. 

cockroach pest control
bee nest removal


In most parts of the UK, bee and wasp stings are an ever-present risk to those venturing outdoors. And they can be particularly dangerous for people who are allergic.


Ants can do damage to your home. They can enter into your home or business through cracks in the walls, under doors, and through defects in plumbing. Once inside, they can cause structural damage by burrowing into the wood, plaster, and other areas of your property.

Once inside your property or business it is not uncommon for Ants to nest, which causes infestation. 

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bee nest removal


Mosquitos are becoming a more common problem in the UK.  Mosquitos and midges can cause real issues as they bite and spread disease

That's not all! Some of the other pests: Moths, Woodlice, Spiders & Silverfish

All our Pest Controllers have the opportunity to use eco-friendly methods. To protect you, your property and household.