Rodents and Mammal Pests

Rodents can cause a great deal of damage to your home or business.

As part of our service we will ensure that we give the relevant advice to ensure you are very aware of the steps that you need to take to make your home or business less prone to rodent infestation.

Types of Rodents


Rats are rodents of the family Murids, and all family members can be destructive to homes and buildings. These animals can cause structural damage because they gnaw at things, which puts your property at risk. They also carry diseases, such as Salmonella and leptospirosis.

pest control for rats
Rodents and Mammal Pests


A mouse infestation at your home or business property can cause serious issues. Have you seen or found droppings in high risk areas ie kitchens, or heard scratching sounds in the loft or walls? If so then these are the signs that you have a mouse or mice in your property.

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Squirrels are rodents that cause a lot of damage to loft spaces and soffitts as well as cause garden damage. This is due to building their dreys in these places. The drey building process is extremely noisy, which can frustrate and annoy homeowners as this normally happens late at night or early in the morning.

rodent control services
rodent control services


Moles can do a whole lot of damage to lawns, formal gardens, fairways, greens and sports grounds with their constant burrowing. Once Moles are in the area, they tend to cause damage quickly and consistently until dealt with by professional pest control services.

Mole hills can ruin lawns, bowling greens, …..etc. This can be costly and can cause a trip hazard which impacts health & safety


Rabbits can cause damage to lawns, plants and land by eating & scratching and burrowing. Landowners are even obliged by law to control rabbits on their land in England and Wales, every occupier of land is responsible for controlling wild rabbits on his/her land or for taking steps to prevent them causing damage. This is a continuing obligation.

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