Pest Bird Control

Pest birds can cause damage to your home or business if you don’t have a bird control plan in place. These animals carry diseases, and they are attracted to water sources like ponds, swimming pools, and roof gutters because they need water to survive. This means that you’ll also have other pest problems during the summer months when insects thrive on standing water. We can help you design a bird control plan so that birds do not nest or spoil food products inside your home or business.

Some of the types of birds we get calls about

Birds are obvious to spot, and we offer bird exclusion services to help homeowners and businesses get rid of these nuisances once and for all.

Feral Pigeons

The feral pigeon is a commonly seen bird across the United Kingdom and often spotted in towns and cities, around our towns and city streets. The birds are very used to humans, which means they’ve become accustomed to using office blocks, commercial sites, houses and any other building as a place to land and nest.

Offices and commercial buildings such as shopping centres, factories or train stations are perfect for pigeons as they provide the perfect spaces for them to stay safely. Pigeons are considered pests and should be dealt with professionally if they’ve become a nuisance to you or your customers.

pest bird control
pest bird control


The seagull which causes most problems and issues to people and property is the herring gull. These birds can cause real issues and can be found anywhere where food is available. Herring gulls will choose a nesting site and usually return every year to breed and raise chicks. The buildings around the Bay area are very popular nesting sites and this in turn can cause issues with droppings and defensive behaviour from the adult Gulls during the nesting season.

Magpies, Rooks and Crows

These birds are all attracted to rubbish bins because they enjoy eating small animals such as mice. It’s important to keep your rubbish bins tightly sealed so that food doesn’t spoil in them. If you’re dealing with these types of infestation, then a good pest control services can help you get rid for good. 

We can carry out control measures against these pest birds if required.

bird control services

Bird proofing

When pests enter your home or business it’s crucial that you contact us for removal services because traps and poisons are ineffective. We offer professional bird control plans that are tailored to your needs and we ensure that our solutions meet all legislative requirements. If a pest ever manages to get inside your home, or are causing a nuisance to your business then they should be blocked off from their nesting areas until they can be removed by professionals who know what they are doing. It’s also a good idea to keep rubbish bins tightly sealed because these animals like scavenging through rubbish, especially if there is food involved. These nuisances can carry diseases, so it’s best to avoid attracting them in the first place with proper disposal rules.

How Baypestcontrol can help

Our pest control services include an odor removal process called bio-odor remediation, which removes dead rodent odours from homes so that it doesn’t happen again until permanent solutions are put into place. Rodent droppings are also removed using this process because they can cause illness when people step on them or if children put them in their mouths. We offer the best odor removal services, 24-hour emergency response, and free estimates for London residents who are sick of having mice or other pest infestations in their homes.